Hector Mercado - MMA Instructor

  • Hector Mercado tailored his training for MMA from the ground up when he started practicing martial arts in 2008. By 2010, he had earned himself an undefeated MMA record with 6 wins and 0 losses. He is a former champion of Ring of Combat Amateur MMA, and New Jersey KAP MMA Amateur Champion. As of August of 2022, he holds a combined record of 22-1 in gi and no-gi grappling.

    When Hector started his formal Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training at NJ United MMA in 2019, students were drawn to his well-rounded skillset, his willingness to help newcomers, his openness to learning, and his mental toughness. Currently, he teaches the MMA program at NJU, bringing his years of striking, grappling, and MMA experience to students of all levels.

    Although grappling and striking are their own martial arts, the science of putting them together is a different thing entirely. In his approach to the mixing of martial arts for self-defense or competition, Hector brings a high-energy optimism and realism to help meet students wherever they’re at in their training.

    Amateur MMA Record: 6-0 (3 Submissions Wins) 
  • Ring of Combat Amateur MMA Super Middleweight Champion (168 lbs)
  •  KAPMMA Amateur Middleweight Champion (159 lbs)
  • Overall Grappling record (Gi and No-Gi): 22-1
  • Five time Grappling gold medalist, including Blue Belt NAGA Absolute Champion (2021)

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