Steve Wins Superfight at Agressive Combat Sports

Steve Ficca (NJ United MMA) wins his superfight match against Joseph Gecaj (Animals MMA Yonkers) in an action packed battle at Aggressive Combat Sports LLC: Night of Champions in Deer Park, New York.

Steve showed alot of heart fighting through a tough kneebar and coming back to win by judges decision. After Steve escaped the kneebar, he transitioned right to the mount and threated Gecaj with an arm triangle choke, keylock, and a tight wrist lock as time expired in regulation.

In the overtime period Steve got the takedown from the clinch, moved right to the mount and once again controlled his opponent, attempting numerous submissions. Steve had Gecaj in a tight keylock with time ran out, leaving little doubt that Steve earned his victory. Great match with a very tough opponent.

Steve Wins!



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